Modernizing Lebanese Apple Orchards 

Orchard modernization was the flagship mission of GNFF’ who pioneered in introducing rootstock based fruit trees and new fruit varieties to the Lebanese growers since 1997.

GNFF manages its own tree nursery, and since 1997, GNFF has imported, grafted and nursed around 500,000 rootstock-based trees: Apples, Cherries, Plums and Pears. GNFF also manages its own scion wood orchards from which the highest quality bud sticks are picked and used in the grafting.

Growers of the GNFF trees are spread across Lebanon and are technically assisted by our team of engineers. Growers are encouraged and trained to apply good agricultural practices such as ICM, drip irrigation, and other techniques.

Growers receive regular messages (via SMS) to guide them throughout the year on the timely practices related to their orchards.

 شكَل هذا البرنامج الركيزة الأساسيَّة لعمل المؤسسة في القطاع الزراعي. فقد كانت المؤسسة و منذ 1997 الرّائدة في إدخال الأُصول المُهَجَّنَة و الأصناف الجديدة من الأشجار المُثمِرة و تَعريف المزارع اللبناني عليها و كيفيَّة معاملتها و قامت المؤسسة بتأمين 500,000 من نصوب الأشجار المثمرة (تفاح، كرز، خوخ و إجاص) لحوالي 1,500 مزارع في لبنان 

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