Theatre Athenee Jounieh


 Theatre Athenee Jounieh (TAJ) was established in 2003 by the GNFF as a permanent children’s theatre. It creates extraordinary theatre experiences with the primary purpose to spread values of civic education, family principles, national belonging and appreciation of the arts to children, families and the community at large.

To date, TAJ has staged numerous musicals and plays loved by all children, such as The Nutcraker, Scrooge and Peter Pan. The productions have been translated to Arabic and French with adaptations made to include local traditions, values and folklore - that both educate and entertain the public about the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon and the Middle East. 

The theatre also offers the L’Atelier de Theatre - a thriving after-school theatre workshop for children and teenagers with student appearing on Nour Kids TV and staging productions at the end of the year. The theatre program serves as a valuable artistic platform to teach children how to express their thoughts and feelings and to gain self-confidence.

For further information, please feel to contact Theatre Athenee Jounieh on 09-912 321 or visit the TAJ website.


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