IRSHAD apples consist of some of the highest quality and most demanded varieties worldwide naturally grown in Lebanon for that extra special taste.

Gale Gala

The Gale Gala is one of the most widely grown apples worldwide with a pink to red color and a sweet juicy flavor. It is the first of our varieties to harvest with availability starting in August. Its small to medium compact size makes for a perfect addition to lunch.

Granny Smith

The Granny Smith is unique from all other apple varieties in bright green color and its tart crisp taste. Originating in Australia in the 1860s, the Granny Smith quickly grew to become one of the most recognized apples worldwide. The Granny Smith is also versatile in its usage as a snack as well as ingredient for cooking, salads and desserts.

Scarlet Red Delicious

The Scarlet Red Delicious is reported the most popular of the Red Delicious Family and is quickly following suit in Lebanon with its pure red color and sweet juicy taste. This medium to large sized apple has an ideal shape and size and is perfect for snacks and salads

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious can be found on almost every supermarket shelf worldwide with its unique golden color and round shape. The Golden Delicious is known for its multipurpose use for snacking, cooking and apple sauce.


The Fuji apple was developed in Japan and has grown to become a best seller worldwide accounting for over 70% of China s apple production. The Fuji is a medium to large apple with a pinkish red skin and a sweet crunchy taste.

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