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Georges N. Frem devoted his life - at home, at work, in his community, and in national politics - to help build a productive Lebanese society where citizens live in dignity and respect. When he started the business in 1955, he established the motto “what is good for the community is good for the company” as he firmly believed that its success is correlated to the "absolute good" it could offer to the community.
Consequently, his business flourished and evolved into an international manufacturing group, better known as INDEVCO. Yet, Georges Frem always kept community issues at the top of his concerns through establishing a social arm to answer healthcare, educational and social needs.  In 2001, the INDEVCO Foundation was formally established and later became Georges N.Frem Foundation in 2006.
Today, as a private, non-corporate entity, Georges N. Frem Foundation continues to focus on initiatives that contribute to positive change in Lebanon by targeting key foundations of our country such as Agriculture, Education, Economic development and Community development. The Foundation spearheads its own projects and welcomes joint partnerships with like-minded organizations.
The Georges N. Frem Foundation (GNFF) is a Lebanese non-profit organization whose mission is to foster economic development for job creation, positively nurture civic education and a pluralistic, democratic society that leads to dignity, respect and a better quality of life for the Lebanese people.
GNFF constantly seeks to promote tolerance and respect for diversity. The strengthening of human dignity, civic responsibility and leadership towards the collective good are the pillars on which the Foundation stands.
 "كلّنـا خدّام في سبيل لبنـان"
“ We are all servants for the sake of Lebanon”
-Georges N. Frem-


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