The Georges N. Frem Foundation sponsors many activities and projects throughout the year that contribute to education, agriculture and economic development. Some of these projects include:

Berytech Technology and Health; Berytech Fund
Berytech Technology & Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small to medium size enterprises turn innovative ideas related to technology and health into successful businesses. It assists existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to identify new projects and business opportunities, to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and help them access information, local and international networks as well as funding ... more
Cold Storage Rehabilitation
In 2006, Georges N. Frem Foundation designed and implemented a project co-financed by the World Bank through the Lebanese Government Council of Development and Reconstruction to rehabilitate a cold storage facility in a remote mountainous region to serve surrounding villages. This project included the purchase and installation of five cooling units, training of personnel on storage practices and implementation of ... more
Integrated Pest Management Awareness Campaign
Georges N. Frem Foundation has been awarded a grant by the UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) to launch an awareness campaign, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, on Integrated Pest Management. This campaign will include 1000 copies of a detailed pocket field guide as well as 500 prints of two posters to be distributed throughout Lebanon to ... more
Beekeeping Survey
From the 1st of April 2010 till the 30th of June 2010, GNFF implemented a project in partnership with UCODEP and in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture to conduct a survey of bee keepers and their production, and to register all bee hives in the Mt. Lebanon region. GNFF assisted in completing survey forms for over 1,200 bee ... more
Farmer Field School
Under the FAO Regional Integrated Pest Management IPM Program in the Near East, Georges N. Frem Foundation implemented a Farmers’ Field School (FFS) for Apples in Mejdel Akoura (Jbeil Caza) throughout the growing season of 2009 focused on teaching Integrated Production and Protection Management (IPPM) techniques to 15 farmers through a participatory approach. The GNFF team implemented 19 FFS workshops ... more
Conflict Management & Islamic-Christian Dialogue
GNFF implements and provides support to programs aimed at achieving a more peaceful and harmonious Lebanese society. The programs focus on developing understanding, appreciation, and tolerance of different value systems, cultural diversity, and religious differences, especially among children and youth.    Among other activities, GNFF has been sponsoring a series of conferences over the past three years that strengthen Islamic-Christian dialogue ... more
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